"Homeboy plays the  guitar like a banshee in an orphanage" - Trevor's Grandma

"I get kicked out of bars when I see Trevor perform. That's how inspiring his music is" -Erin Painter

"Trevor could honestly be the best guitarist in the world if he gets better and some other people get worse"- Jacob Schumacher

"A good musician and a good person. After selling his autograph to one gentleman for $20, he turned to me and offered it for only $15" - Adam Baird

"In the 1st grade, Trevor wanted to be the best guitarist at Creslane Elementary School. Within the last year, he has finally achieved that."
- Corbin Helt

"As a kid, Trevor was phenomenal at Hungry Hungry Hippos. I didn't think he could be so good at something else." -Dustin Riddle

"I'm not a huge fan of Trevor's personality or what he stands for, but I do enjoy his guitar playing" - Jasem Dulany

" Trevor would always get peanut butter on my fretboard when I let him borrow my guitar during jazz ensemble." - Joey Rappaport

"In 4th grade, Trevor would come over and illegally download Jimi Hendrix songs on our family PC. He would also eat all our twinkies and fruit gushers..."-Josh Davis

​"At a Christmas party, he attempted to flip a foosball table over after losing one game. I see that same passion and fire carry over to his music, and I respect that"  - Jacob Lewis

"When our economy crashes, people will inevitably revert back to a tribal lifestyle. Whatever tribe drafts Trevor will have solid entertainment at their village campfires" - Tony Discerni

"Trevor was a loud and messy roommate. It was rather annoying. But on Fridays we sang Bon Jovi songs, and he would play the bass line and rhythm guitar part simultaneously...that was cool" -Nick Woody

"On intense work out days, I listen to Trevor's solo acoustic fingerstyle compositions. On less intense days, I listen to In Flames and Metallica(Black Album)"  - Chris Painter

​"Trevor is a better guitar player than many legends and hall of famers including Shaquile O'Neal, Jose' Canseco, and Muggsy Bogues" - Seth Hutchinson

"Trevor is the Dirk Novinkzki of solo funky acoustic style guitar, just not quite as graceful" - Reed Strickland

"We always hire Trevor for our family fiestas, and when he plays his rendition of La Bamba, "we" all go crazy!" -Ryan and AJ Beltran

​"I went to Mexican jail with Trevor. Every time he plays his guitar with Spanish flavor it brings back nightmares...but it's worth hearing him play"  -Derek Miller

"With my hair and Trevor's guitar skills, we could make one of the greatest rock bands ever"- Shane Cunningham

"Who is this guy? I'm not quite sure"- Ken Scoggin"

​"Woah. Dude..." -Jordan Ellison

​"Whatever..."- Devin Conklin

-The Unfiltered Press

 Guitarist - Producer - Homie

Welcome to TrevorHelt.com! 

​Trevor is an Austin based studio guitarist, instructor, audio engineer, and producer. He currently plays lead /rhythm guitar for Michael Rowe, Bourgeois Mystics,  and Heritage and Helt. Funky, industrial grade, original music will be released within the next month. Stay tuned!