Guitarist - Producer - Homie

Trevor co-wrote,  played guitar and bass on Public Enemy's "Go At It."

-The Unfiltered Press

In the home studio/natural habitat having fun with different genres.

Bourgeois Mystics! One of the weirdest bands ever!

Welcome to! 

Trevor is an Austin based guitarist, audio engineer, and producer. He recently co wrote and played guitar/bass on Public Enemy’s album track, “Go At It.”   Currently, Trevor performs solo acoustic sets in the Austin, Texas area and tours nationally with Bourgeois Mystics. Funky, industrial grade, original music will be released on a regular basis. Stay tuned!

Funk guitar medley of Michael Jackson's funkiest tunes!

Trevor performing solo acoustic tunes.

"Homeboy plays the  guitar like a banshee in an orphanage" - Trevor's Grandma

"I get kicked out of bars when I see Trevor perform. That's how inspiring his music is" -Aaron Painter

"Trevor could honestly be the best guitarist in the world if he gets better and some other people get worse"- Jacob Schumacher

"A good musician and a good person. After selling his autograph to a small child for $20, he turned to me and offered it for only $15." - Adam Baird

"In the 1st grade, Trevor wanted to be the best guitarist at Creslane Elementary School. Within the last year, he has finally achieved that."

- Corbin Helt

"I'm not a huge fan of Trevor's personality or what he stands for, but I do enjoy his guitar playing" - Jasem Dulany

" Trevor would always get peanut butter on my fretboard when I let him borrow my guitar during jazz ensemble." - Joey Rappaport

"In 4th grade, Trevor would come over and illegally download Jimi Hendrix songs on our family PC. He would also eat all our twinkies and fruit gushers..."-Josh Davis

"Trevor was a loud and messy roommate. It was rather annoying. But on Fridays we sang Bon Jovi songs, and he would play the bass line and rhythm guitar part simultaneously...that was cool" -Nick Woody

"As a kid, Trevor was phenomenal at Hungry Hungry Hippos. I didn't think he could be so good at something else." -Dustin Riddle

​"At a Christmas party, he attempted to flip a foosball table over after losing one game. I see that same passion and fire carry over to his music, and I guess that's a good thing."  - Jacob Lewis

"When our economy crashes, people will inevitably revert back to a tribal lifestyle. Whatever tribe drafts Trevor will have solid entertainment at their village campfires" - Tony Discerni

"On intense work out days, I listen to Trevor's solo acoustic fingerstyle compositions. On less intense days, I listen to Megadeth and Metallica"  
- Chris Painter

"When Trevor performs his rendition of La Bamba, everyone in our family (on our Dad's side) starts dancing and drinking way too much Tequila, and then we have to cancel work the next day and it's just a whole situation, and now this quote is becoming a run on sentence."
Ryan and A.J Beltran

​"Trevor is a better guitar player than many legends and hall of famers including Shaquile O'Neal, Jose' Canseco, and Muggsy Bogues"
- Seth Hutchinson

"Trevor is the Dirk Novinkzki of solo funky acoustic style guitar, just not quite as graceful" - Reed Strickland

​"I went to Mexican jail with Trevor. Every time he plays his guitar with Spanish flavor it brings back nightmares...but it's worth hearing him play"  -Derek Miller

"With my hair and Trevor's guitar skills, we could make one of the greatest rock bands ever"- Shane Cunningham

"Who is this guy? I'm not quite sure"
​ -Ken Scoggin"

​"Woah. Dude..." -Jordan Ellison

​"Whatever..."- Devin Conklin